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From the start of the adventure, it was essential for Le Sou Français to surround itself with partners driven by common values. Transmission, French manufacturing, quality requirements, tradition, proximity, eco-responsibility... these are not empty words for us. Also, we are happy to collaborate with women and men who share these ideals.

Exceptional leathers

Beyond the world-renowned Tannery Rémy Carriat, located in Espelette, in the Basque Country, we were seduced by the beautiful harmony between respect for traditions and respect for the environment. This family business run by the founder's great-granddaughter is proof that creating beauty and doing it well is entirely possible.


A saddler father whose experience no longer needs to be demonstrated and passionate children with complementary profiles, it was enough for us to choose to work with the Atelier Façon Cuir in Peyrehorade, in the South West. They give shape to our ideas and once again allow us to keep our commitments to quality and proximity.


In line with the transmission approach that has driven us since 2015, we asked Arbonne ESAT to take care of the packaging of our products. In addition to promoting and helping the reintegration of people with disabilities, we are happy to associate them with the success of the Le Sou Français brand.