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A family story

If the story of Sou Français begins in 2015, its origins go much further back. And at the same time so close, because of the people dear to my heart who are witnesses...

We are at the start of the Second World War ; men of all ages - fathers and sons - are mobilized. My great-grandfather is one of them. Before his departure, he took care to entrust his youngest daughter, my grandmother, with a 10-franc coin so that she would continue to think of him in his absence.

This piece tied to her wrist using a simple piece of string allowed her to have it as close as possible to her while waiting for her return from the front. But it didn't happen... and this penny was thus the last souvenir that a father left to his daughter.

“Imagine... The penny you carry closest to you may have been owned by the greatest.”

I knew this family story but when, decades later, my grandmother asked me to find her a bracelet for her piece , it took on a whole new dimension. I had the feeling that each of us could become a storyteller thanks to our pieces. And this is how Le Sou Français was born .